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“Truly elegant design incorporates top-notch functionality into a simple, uncluttered form.”
David Lewis

User centered (UX) design with attention to detail


Think of your website as a virtual shop. What makes for a good shopping experience?
  • Order – being able to find the product / information you are looking for. 
  • Pricing – clients want to see the item price at first glance.
  • Assistance – courteous and prompt help always leaves a good impression.
  • People – a successful business with happy costumers offers peace of mind.
  • Processing payment – fast and hassle free help at the till makes you leave with a smile! 

Design follows function

You have 3 seconds to grab the attention of your website visitors before they click away.

Our portfolio of web designs has a very low “bounce rate” (meaning visitors do stay on the websites long and page through the site and book online) and optimized flow.

We make use of tracking and monitoring tools on every website we develop; ensuring continued visitor engagement.

Grabbing a visitor’s attention is one thing; flawless functionality ensures the highest possible conversion rate and return on investment. 

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Shopping and booking on-line is the preferred way people like to do business today. 

We tranform your website into an e-commerce business environment with one objective and that is to generate business in a secure and professional manner.

It includes a budget oriented marketing strategy to help generate more bookings.

Furthermore we develop and implement shopping carts and complex form-to-email systems.

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Team up

We will work with your current web designer:

There are many good web designers out there and just as many good websites. Sometimes all it takes to convert your website into an effective selling machine is a bit of objectiveness and a lot of experience on browser behaviour...

Should you make use of our Online Marketing, Monitoring and Optimisation services, we are happy to work with your web designer in order to implement the changes where applicable!

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Freshly ground

Our design services include graphic- and webdesign, copy writing, translations, photography and videography - ensuring a holistic approch to your online and conventional marketing strategies. 

We service clients nationally and internationally, from the leisure industry in the widest sense.

Our individual designs have won several awards, are uncluttered and straight forward, with attention to detail. 

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