real-time web analytics and
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Real time web analytics tools and traffic monitoring

Real-time web analytics tools and traffic monitoringDoing Internet Marketing without monitoring tools is like flying a plane without radar. Your radar keeps you on track; you know what the wind speed is, how high you should fly and warns about crossing air traffic.

AIMit offers one of the most advanced web analytics and monitoring tools available in the market. Our “AIMit Web Analytics Tool” is unique to our company and reports not only on traffic, but also on customer behaviour. Real time data allow you to analyze and optimize the profit margins per channel and source. This is an invaluable tool to maximize your ROI on different channels - for only R325 per month. 

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Real-time web analytics tools and traffic monitoring

User behaviour monitoring:

Heat-, scroll- and confetti maps are nifty analysis tools in order to monitor and direct user behaviour. We analyse where visitors come from (popularity of channels), at which time of day and how they are navigating through your website. 

Based on these findings we refine the website and adapt the online marketing strategy; in other words, we optimize regularly to achieve best results.

Real-time web analytics tools and traffic monitoring

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Our Advanced Web Analytics Tool:

Real-time web analytics tools and traffic monitoring

  • Very user-friendly and customizable dashboard;
  • Exact Dynamic Revenue Tracking segmented by online channel;
  • Detailed information about every person who visits your website, except the phone number;
  • Heatmaps on website pages segmented by goals, split channels or visitor sessions;
  • Track outbound links;
  • Early Warning: Alerts via email/mobile desktop;