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“It’s not that I’m so smart, it’s just that I stay with the problems longer.”
Albert Einstein

International SEO Services and Strategy

International Internet Marketing Services and StrategyOngoing Search Engine Optimization is about catching organic traffic and making sure the position is maintained. 

As much as you want to be on page 1 of Google, so does your competitor. Once you’ve got there, it does not mean you will stay there – getting there means someone else falls behind - and might not like it.

This applies to all other online marketing channels as well. It’s therefore equally important to focus on smart ways getting you there as well as keeping you there.

Are you ready to pick your fight and choose your weapon? The war is on.

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Conversion Rate Optimisation:

The lower your website’s ability to convert traffic into sales, the more visitors you need to your site and the more time and money needs to be spend on generating traffic. When we take you on as a client, the first thing we look at is your website’s ability to convert traffic into sales. Once the basic measures have been put into place, we install our advanced monitoring tools on your site. We then analyse the visitor behaviour on your site and make adjustments accordingly.

We also measure the conversion rates from different channels and campaigns and then focus on the successful ones.

Traffic Optimisation:

The essence of traffic optimization is about increasing your online exposure. The bigger your footprint - the higher the traffic. It is however as important to increase your ranking or being found first on any channel. Google states that Page 1 receives 70-80% of the traffic and that there is no commercial value being listed from page 3. The same applies to other channels – we have two examples of clients with the highest rating on TripAdvisor in their towns, both with occupancy levels higher than 80%!

Our ongoing traffic optimization services therefore focus on continually expanding your reach as well as improving your visibility on the respective channels.

Brand Maintenance:

Online Reputation Management is not only knowing what people are saying about you, but also reacting on it in the appropriate manner. It should also not only be dealt with reactively, but also putting proactive measures in place.

Social media play a very important role, but the trick is to get the attention and then keep it. Some internet users likes sharing their experiences, others prefer to follow others experiences.

We do not only monitor what is being said about you, we also encourage and entice participation in viral campaigns.

Traffic Maintenance:

Maintaining your ranking on different channels is very important. We have early warning software tools that warn us about your competition moving up in the ranks on search engines.

One off the most important measures in traffic maintenance is dynamic content. People quickly get bored with the same message being broadcasted. We continually design new campaigns for you to maintain the excitement levels.